I began beading in 1997. What began as an interest quickly became a passion. There is something very meditative about needle and thread and the repetition of a stitch. As you work on a piece, you can literally clear your mind and zone out. Some projects provide instant gratification while others demand countless hours-the choice and depth of commitment is yours. I love the colors, shapes, and textures of beads. I love to learn new stitches and then have the freedom to choose the most appropriate stitch when designing a piece. Beading provides endless challenges, problems to be solved, ideas to be explored. Most of all, I love the friends I have made-my bead study group (you know who you are) and students I have taught.


Private classes are available for the following stitches:  Peyote, Square, Brick, Ndebele, Bead crochet, Turkish crochet, St.Petersburg, Bead embroidery, Spiral rope and Fringe.

Beadwork Magazine

April/May 2006 issue included by article and original design, “Monet’s Garden Bracelet”
Note: Permission was given to OneMaker, a National Heritage Foundation, to use the design of this bracelet (renamed, The King’s Garden) to empower Afghan women through education, vocational training, and business venture.

Aug/Sept. 2007 Fiber Meets Beads Necklace and bonus web only article

June/July 2008 Sea Nymph Necklace

Jan. 2010 Beadwork 41 Favorite Designs

Dec/Jan 2012 Autumn’s End Bracelet

July 2012 Backcover Thistle Necklace

April/May 2014 Twisted Turkish Ropes

Bead Trends Magazine

Nov/Dec 2007 – Premiere Issue

March/April 2008

Netted Bead Work, by Dianne Fitzgerald

Published 2003 by Interweave Press, authored by our high priestess Dianne Fitzgerald. My work was featured in the photograph gallery in the book.

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