“As an art specialist for Bradley Academy I am just concluding a 2 week residency with Kathleen Lynam. My students were captivated by the puppetry and the stories, but their work, which spun off from the art history lesson, was outstanding. Kathleen was able to tap into each student’s imagination, and facilitate a writing project, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Bradley Academy has been enriched by Kathleen Lynam, and her puppets.”
– Paulette Stover, 2009, Bradley Academy

“This was the first time that I felt like I witnessed true art integration in the realm of writing. I have struggled throughout the year with coming up with art integration lessons to incorporate in my grammar class. This was a great model for me. I enjoyed getting to see how you can use puppetry and drama in the classroom. The students enjoyed it and they were able to learn main characters, main events, and expression in writing. The students enjoyed getting to use their creativity in performing and writing.”
– Rachel Jett, 2009, Mooreland Heights

“Puppets were gorgeous, performer did an excellent job of presentation of stories.  The sound effects were wonderful! The students really enjoyed the program.”
– Teresa Pruett, CDC teacher, Avery Trace Middle School (Putnam County Library 2004)

“All Tennesseans are proud of you and others like you who are actively involved in improving literacy, education, and quality of life in our state.”
– Riley C. Darnell, Secretary of State, State of Tennessee

“One of the best things about being an educator is the ability to use creativity daily.  I love your ideas and enthusiasm!  Thank you so much for showing us how to reach our students (and ourselves) in such a fun, dramatic way.  There are so many opportunities for learning with puppets.”
– Kimberly Reddish, Sagamore Hill Elementary, Ft. Worth, TX, 2005.

“Whether with bead-crochet-ropes, or bead-woven bracelets and necklaces, Kathleen always succeeds in translating assortments of very small parts into wonderful compositions that dazzle the eye.  Moreover, she very capably teaches her artistry and techniques to her students month-in and month-out, and they adore her.”
– Warren Feld, BeDazzle Bead Store, Nashville, TN.

“You gave me so many wonderful ideas! I saw so many of my students just blossom during that time. They talked about you until the last day of school! Thanks for your ideas and help. I greatly appreciate it!
– Amber Yorko, PreK, Kiptopeke Elementary School

The most enlightening workshop I have encountered up til my life yet! Very, very excellent workshop which is like a flower flourishing in this Easter! What a wonderful Easter egg from God!! I just find Kathleen is one of the most excellent and stimulating & enlightening with passion in her heart. Please invite her again next time and let more Hong Kong people/teachers/social workers benefit more from her lively work!
Hong Kong participant

The best workshop that I have attended.
Hong Kong participant

Excellent presentation! Kathleen was the most interesting presenter ever!!As the newspaper reporter said to me, “Everyone should have the opportunity to be in one of her sessions.”
H. N. Cavendar, Parent Coordinator Mayfield, Elementary