Puppets break down barriers and provide a safety net for children so the learning process can begin.

Here are some of the puppets I use and make for teaching and performing:

Finger Puppets

Finger PuppetsThese easy to make felt puppets are the perfect size for a child’s finger. With the children’s help, healing we retell stories using these puppets. There is plenty of fun and laughter during these dramatic reenactments as the children work on their emergent literacy skills (fluency, discount comprehension, story structure, etc.).

Rod Puppets

Rod PuppetsMy rod puppets are made with paper mache for durability and lightness. I use them both in the classroom and performing with my troupe, Crafty Characters. In the preschool classroom I use rod puppets such as Mother Goose to introduce nursery rhymes and Frida Kahlo to teach the children their colors. Matisse and Picasso puppets have prepared children for an exhibit at the Frist Museum.

Glove Puppets

Glove PuppetsFinger plays are an obvious choice for the preschool classroom. Glove puppets are a great way to present finger plays. The glove puppet can perform the finger play and immediately you will capture a child’s attention by the movement, visual appeal, and song. My glove puppets provide easier and more effective manipulation than the bulky glove puppets sold commercially.

Hand and Foam Puppets

Hand and Foam PuppetsMy hand puppets can range from very simple sock puppets to more complex foam puppets. Both are used to integrate the arts with particular curriculum topics. Although the construction of the puppet may differ, the ultimate goal of engaging the child in the learning process remains the same.

Weird Object Puppets

To conWeird Object Puppetsceive and then make these puppets, you must really think outside the box. They allow you to really explore your creativity while making a wild, whimsical puppet.  A wooden spoon can become a professor; salad tongs a letter eating monster. Weird Object puppets are only limited by your imagination.

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