Professional Development Workshops

Puppets with a Purpose (Grades K-5)

Infuse your classroom with colorful puppet characters!  A variety of easy-to-make, anabolics simple puppets come to life with voice and movement in this workshop.  Every puppet is designed to help with specific curriculum topics, pharmacy levitra. life skills (behavior management, medstore hygiene, safety, etc.), or academic awareness (letter recognition, colors, numbers, etc.).  Participants will make a set of puppets to take back to the classroom.

Bringing Biographies to Life Through Puppetry (Grades K-5)

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This workshop was developed in association with The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and is listed in their brochure of touring programs.

Take your students back in time to meet three American patriots—through the use of puppetry.  In this workshop, participants receive a hand puppet and 3 computer generated faces of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Teachers will learn puppet performance techniques as well as 3 unique activities that will bring your puppets to life in the classroom.

*You can substitute Washington, Lincoln, and King with any 3 characters of your choice.

Let Your Voices be Heard:  Using Puppets to Bring Stories to Life (Grades Pre-K-5)

“Once upon a time…”

Every child loves the beginning of a new story. Using puppets to tell a story creates an enhanced sensory experience in which the story actually comes to life before a child’s eyes. The character’s voices, movement and engaging visual presence will capture the attention of even the most demanding child. We all have many voices within ourselves. Let your voices be heard as you use puppetry to bring books to life! This workshop will help you develop skills needed to become a puppeteer and storyteller and capture a child’s imagination in the creative world of enchantment. Emphasis on vocal expression will be an asset in the classroom, whether used in conjunction with puppets or simply when reading aloud.

*For booking, contact:  The Wolf Trap Foundation, Vienna, Va.

Mother Goose… On The Loose!

Kathleen Lynam, Nashville Wolf Trap Artist

Mother Goose nursery rhymes come alive and serve as learning catalysts as they are explored through puppetry, song, movement, dramatic play, and props. Nursery rhymes provide easy and developmentally appropriate connections to curriculum strands and outcomes, emergent literacy skills, such as recall and sequencing, rhyming, phonemic awareness, making predictions, as well as extending other developmental domains such as cognitive, social/emotional, and motor skills.

*For booking, contact:  The Wolf Trap Foundation, Vienna, VA.

Mother Goose and Math

Many nursery rhymes provide learning opportunities to actively engage children in mathematical explorations. This workshop will focus on traditional rhymes with connections to math concepts such as:  Number and Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability, Algebra, and Math Process.

*For booking, contact:  The Wolf Trap Foundation, Vienna, Va.

A Zoom in the Room:  using puppetry to reach and teach the highly active child

Identify creative ways to use the arts to engage highly active students. Explore ideas for smooth transitions, learning experiences, and techniques to highlight and encourage appropriate behavior. Learn how to be pro-active in designing and implementing strategies to achieve these goals.

*For booking contact:  The Wolf Trap Foundation, Vienna, Va.

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